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How we can support supply staff
one-to-one onboarding

One to One onboarding process to familiarise supply staff with the agency policies and procedures.

Training and Professional Development

we  Offer training sessions to enhance skills and understand school systems. Provide access to professional development resources to help supply staff stay current in education trends.

Dedicated Support and communication

All staff will be assigned a personal support mentor that they can contact 24/7 to address any concerns and queries you may have.

Transparent Placement Process

Clearly communicate the placement process, ensuring transparency about how and where staff may be placed

Feedback Mechanism

A feedback system to help improve experiences for supply staff and the institutions that we deliver services to.

Community Building

Foster a sense of community among supply staff through events, forums, or social platforms. Encourage networking and the sharing of experiences among supply teachers.

Advocacy and Recognition

Advocate for the rights and needs of supply teachers within the education community.

Recognize and celebrate the contributions of supply staff through awards or acknowledgments.

Resource Hub

Provide a centralised hub for resources, including lesson plans, teaching materials, and relevant information to support supply teachers in their roles.

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